explanation of the gate valve China

explanation of the gate valve China

The flow passage of the gate valve body can be divided into two types: full-diameter type and reduced-diameter type. The flow passage aperture is nominally the same as the valve through the nominal diameter. The flow aperture is smaller than the nominal diameter of the valve. The reduced diameter shape has two types of uniform diameter reduction and uniform diameter reduction.

The flow path is a conical tube shape which is a non-uniform diameter reduction. The diameter of the inlet end of such a valve is basically the same as the nominal diameter, and then gradually shrinks to the minimum at the valve seat.

Gate Valve Production Line

*Have own casting factory.

*Raw materials of the valves are kept for 10 years.

*Material need physical and chemical experiments.

*Each Valve must be tested the pressure and seal.

*Environmental protection paint.

*Packing:Standard Export Plywood case.

*Company Spirit : 

Create resources and world-wide renown.

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