How to maintain the flange gasket fittings in the use of general valves such as gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves

How to maintain the flange gasket fittings in the use of general valves such as gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves

Valves such as gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves, etc. are often more susceptible to damage than the valve itself, such as flange gaskets, how to replace damaged flange gaskets?

To replace the valve flange gasket, you need to follow the following four basic principles, prepare the materials and tools, pay attention to the operation steps, and achieve 2 technical requirements and 5 points.

(1) Preparation work

1 material: butter, cotton yarn, leak detection fluid, sealing gasket.

2 tools: wrenches, screw drivers.

(2) Operation steps

1 Remove the flange connection bolts, remove the valve or remove the leaky end pipe section. Remove worn seals from the seal faces.

2 Select a suitable gasket and apply a layer of butter evenly on both sides.we are gate valve china and gate valve exporter,we can guarantee quality.

3 Place the gasket on the sealing surface between the two flanges, align the center of the two flanges with the center of the bolt hole, install the bolt, screw the nut, and tighten the nut diagonally and repeatedly. The length of the bolt extending the nut is 2-3 pitches. After the flange gasket is installed, it should be tested by working pressure without leakage.

(3) Technical requirements

1 Care should be taken to prevent damage to the flange.

2 After completion, the tools should be cleaned and maintained.

(4) Five points for gasket installation

1Selected: The form, material and size of the flange, bolt and gasket should be selected according to the operating conditions and the structural form of the flange surface.

2 Check the details: the quality of the flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets should be carefully checked before installation. There should be no defects such as burrs, irregularities and cracks. Carefully check the installation of flanges and pipes, and there should be no deviations, wrong openings, and wrong holes.

3 Washed clean: the flange sealing surface must be cleaned, and the bolts and gaskets must not be contaminated with impurities or oil.

Balance valve is often used in heating pipeline engineering, balancing valve manufacturers

In the heating project, there is often the use of a balancing valve, which has a great effect on the reliability and running performance of the heating system. Here is a brief introduction to its principle and characteristics.

First of all, the principle of the valve body is described. The front and rear changes of the valve body are realized by changing the flow area of the valve core. The ability to control the flow rate is obtained. In general, such a valve body is to be classified as a throttling element because its local resistance can be varied. In practical applications, there is often an incompressible fluid. In this case, a calculation method is required. The simplified process is calculated as:


Where: Q - the flow through the balancing valve;

K——the flow coefficient of the valve opening degree;

A——overflow area of the spool

△P——pressure difference between valve inlet and outlet

Because the change of the valve body can not be considered, the constant control is the valve body must be maintained, that is, A (△P) can not be changed. The balancing valve consists of a valve with a variable flow area and a high-precision (plus or minus five percent) spring and support. The spring is automatically controlled by the pressure difference to control the flow area on the valve, and the flow through the valve is constant.we are gate valve china and gate valve exporter,we can guarantee quality.

The working characteristic of the valve body is that it can play a good control role in the maximum flow rate of the air conditioner terminal, and can achieve an automatic constant action in the flow rate, and shortens a lot of time in the debugging of the equipment. Its role in the alien water system is more obvious, it can balance the hydraulic conditions, meet the design requirements of the ambient temperature, and most importantly, in the terminal equipment of this system, its operation will not be opened by other terminals. Close interference.

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