Multipurpose of the globe valve

Multipurpose of the globe valve

The shut-off valve can be subdivided into nearly 9 types according to the way of use. The products that come into being are DC-lined fluorine shut-off valve, American standard Japanese standard stop valve, DJ64F low temperature angle cut-off valve, UJ11H internal thread plunger shut-off valve, GWJ41 GB Bellows stop valve, etc. They meet the needs of the industrial and mining, water transport, industrial and other fields.we are globe valve sellers,we can guarantee quality.

1.Fluorine-lined cut-off valve: The fluorine-lined cut-off valve is suitable for various concentrations of aqua regia, acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids, strong acids and strong oxidants at -50 to 150 °C. Concentration of strong alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gases, used in pipelines of liquid media;

2.API American standard stop valve: American standard stop valve performs ANSI and API standards. The sealing surface of valve disc and valve seat is made of Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy with different hardness. The seal is reliable and hard. High, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, good scratch resistance and long life;

3.National standard stop valve: The national standard stop valve is the most commonly used product in the series of stop valves. The sealing surface of the valve seat and the disc is made of Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy with different hardness, and the seal is reliable. High hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good scratch resistance and long service life;

4.Low temperature shut-off valve: Low temperature shut-off valve usually refers to valves with operating temperature below -110 °C, widely used in liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other low temperature industries. At present, it is possible to manufacture a shut-off valve with a temperature of -196 ° C. All parts are treated with liquid nitrogen for low temperature pretreatment, completely avoiding sealing deformation and leakage during use;

5.Plunger valve: The plunger valve is also known as the plunger stop valve. The sealing surface adopts a radial sealing structure. The two elastic sealing rings sleeved on the polishing plunger are applied to the valve through the connecting bolts of the valve body and the valve cover. The load on the cover presses the elastic sealing ring around the plunger to achieve a sealed shut-off valve;

6.Insulation jacket cut-off valve: It adopts the insulation jacket design and uses external heat source to circulate and heat outside the valve, which can effectively prevent the temperature loss when the medium passes through the valve and ensure the temperature of the medium.

7.Forged steel globe valve: designed and manufactured according to API 602 standard, providing three kinds of bonnet design: bolt-type bonnet, welded bonnet, pressure self-tightening bonnet, users can choose different forms according to need, provide RF Three connection methods: flange, NPT thread and SW welding type;we are globe valve sellers,we can guarantee quality.

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