Correct daily maintenance of electric globe valves

Correct daily maintenance of electric globe valves

1.The situation of electric valve storage should be paid attention to, and should be placed in the open air of dry and ventilated, and the two sides of the congestion passage.

2,the valve should be checked on time, and dry the dirt on it, apply anti-rust oil on the outside.

3.The electric valve after installation and use should be inspected on time to ensure that it is normal.

4,should check the valve sealing surface for wear, and repair or change according to the environment.

5.Check the trapezoidal rib wear environment of the valve stem and stem nut, whether the filler has expired, etc., and implement the necessary changes.

6.The sealing function of the valve should be tested to ensure its performance.

7.The electric valve in operation should be ready, the screw on the flange and the bracket, the thread is not damaged, there is no sign of looseness.

8.If the handwheel is lost, it should be timely and not replaced by a live wrench.

9.The packing gland is not allowed to be skewed or has no pre-tightening clearance.

10.If the utilization of electric valves is relatively harsh and is susceptible to contamination by rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt, a protective cover should be placed on the valve stem.

11.The scale on the valve should be connected, complete and accurate, and the valve seal and cap.

12.The insulation jacket should be free from dents and cracks.

13.The electric valve in operation stops the tapping and stacking heavy objects.

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