Working principle of electric globe valve

Working principle of electric globe valve 

First, what is an electric valve:

The electric valve is simply an electric actuator that controls the valve to open and close the valve. It can be divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the electric actuator and the lower part is the valve.

There are two types of electric valves:

A kind of angular stroke electric valve: the electric actuator of the angular stroke is used with the valve of the angular stroke to realize the 90 degree internal rotation of the valve to control the fluid circulation of the pipeline;

The other is a straight-stroke electric valve: it is used by a straight-stroke electric actuator with a straight-stroke valve to realize fluid on and off of the valve on-board action control. It is usually used on a highly automated device.

Second, the operating principle of electric valve:

The electric valve is usually connected by an electric actuator and a valve, and is installed as an electric valve. The electric valve uses electric energy as power to turn on the electric actuator to drive the valve to realize the switching and regulating action of the valve. Thereby achieving the switching or regulating purpose of the pipeline medium.

The solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve; the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil is used to pull the valve core, thereby changing the opening and closing of the valve body, the coil is de-energized, and the valve core is returned by the pressure of the spring.

Third, the use of electric valves:

Electric valve: Analog adjustment for pipe media flow in liquid, gas and wind systems, is AI control. In the control of large valves and wind systems, electric valves can also be used for two-position switch control.

Electric valve: It can have AI feedback signal, which can be controlled by DO or AO. It is more common in large pipes and dampers.

1.Switch form:

The drive of the electric valve is generally a motor, and the opening or closing action requires a certain amount of time to simulate, and can be adjusted.

2.Nature of work:

The electric valve is generally driven by a motor and is more resistant to voltage surges. The solenoid valve is fast open and fast closed. It is generally used in small flow and small pressure, and the electric switch is required in the place where the switching frequency is large. The opening of the electric valve can be controlled. The state has open, closed, half open and half closed, which can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline and the solenoid valve can not meet this requirement.

3.Applicable process:

globe valve sellers told Electric valves are generally used for adjustment and also have a switching quantity, such as: fan coil end.

IV. Specific Analysis of Electric Valves With the continuous development of science and technology, China's electric valve products market is also developing towards high-tech content, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and high life. According to the analysis of electric valve technology at home and abroad and the analysis of the demand for electric valve market at home and abroad, the high-tech development trend and investment direction of industrial electric valve and electric valve industry in various industries in recent years are studied, as follows:

1.Valves for oil and gas wellhead devices

The valves for oil and gas wellheads are mainly single or double gates conforming to the US API6A standard, forged steel parallel gate valves with or without guide holes, mud valves, angle throttle valves, and oilfield-specific parallels. Regulating valve, oilfield-specific straight-through check valve, water injection, polymer-specific parallel gate valve, clamp-type parallel gate valve, pilot-operated safety valve and check valve.

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