The difference between electric gate valve and electric globe valve

The difference between electric gate valve and electric globe valve

If the installation space is limited, you should pay attention to the selection. The electric gate valve can rely on the tight pressure of the medium and the sealing surface to close, so as to achieve the effect of no leakage. When opening and closing, the sealing surface of the valve core and the valve seat always contact and rub against each other, so the sealing surface is easy to wear, and when the gate valve is close to close, the pressure difference between the front and the rear of the pipeline is large, and the sealing surface wear is more serious.

The structure of the electric gate valve is more complicated than the shut-off valve. From the appearance, in the case of the same caliber, the gate valve is higher than the shut-off valve, and the shut-off valve is longer than the gate valve. In addition, the gate valve has the distinction between a bright rod and a dark rod. The shutoff valve does not.

When the electric shut-off valve is opened and closed, it is lifted by the valve stem type, that is to say, the hand wheel is rotated, and the hand wheel rotates and lifts together with the valve stem. The gate valve is a rotating hand wheel, so that the valve stem can be lifted and moved, and the position of the hand wheel itself is unchanged. Flow rates vary, gate valves require full or full shutoff, while shut-off valves are not required. The shut-off valve has the specified inlet and outlet directions; the gate valve has no import and export direction requirements.

In addition, the electric gate valve has only two states of full opening or full closing, the stroke of the shutter opening and closing is large, and the opening and closing time is long. The valve stroke of the electric stop valve is much smaller, and the valve plate of the shut-off valve can be stopped at a certain position during the movement to adjust the flow. The gate valve can only be used for truncation and has no other functions.

globe valve sellers told The electric shut-off valve can be used for cut-off and can be used for flow regulation. The fluid resistance of the shut-off valve is relatively large, and it is laborious to open and close. However, since the distance between the valve plate and the sealing surface is short, the opening and closing stroke is short.

Because the electric gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, when it is fully opened, the medium flow resistance in the valve body passage is almost zero, so the opening and closing of the gate valve will be very labor-saving, but the distance between the gate and the sealing surface is long, the opening and closing time long.

The electric gate valve has the same effect in both directions. The installation has no requirements for the direction of the inlet and outlet, and the medium can flow in both directions. The shut-off valve needs to be installed in strict accordance with the direction marked by the arrow of the valve body. There is also a clear provision for the direction of the inlet and outlet of the shut-off valve. The flow direction of the shut-off valve specified by the “three-way” of the valve in China is always from top to bottom.

The electric shut-off valve is low-in and high-out, and there are obvious pipes from the outside when it is not on a horizontal line. The gate valve flow path is on a horizontal line. The stroke of the gate valve is larger than that of the shut-off valve.

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