gate valve exporter manufacturer:Detailed explanation of the correct operation of the valve

gate valve exporter manufacturer:Detailed explanation of the correct operation of the valve

The valve is in the fluid system. The device used to control the direction, pressure and flow of the fluid is the device that allows the flow and stop of the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in the pipe and equipment and can control its flow. The valve is the fluid delivery system. Important control components in the middle.we are gate valve exporter and you can know valve strainer online.

Preparation before operation

Read the operating instructions carefully before operating the valve. Be sure to understand the flow direction of the gas before operation. Pay attention to check the valve opening and closing mark. Check the appearance of the valve to see if the valve is damp. If there is moisture, it should be dried. If there are other problems, please handle it in time, and do not take faulty operation.

If the electric valve is deactivated for more than 3 months, check the clutch before starting, confirm the handle is in the manual position, and then check the insulation, steering and electrical circuit of the motor.

Correct operation of manual valves

The manual valve is the most widely used valve. Its handwheel or handle is designed according to the normal manpower, taking into account the strength of the sealing surface and the necessary closing force.

Therefore, you cannot use long levers or long wrenches to move. Some people are accustomed to the use of wrenches, should pay close attention to, when opening the valve should be used to stabilize the force, to avoid excessive force, resulting in opening and closing valves, the force should be stable, not impact.

Some components of the high-pressure valve that are opened and closed by impact have been considered that this impact force cannot be equal to the general valve.

When the valve is fully open, the handwheel should be reversed a little to make the threads tightly tight to avoid loose damage. For open-end valves, keep in mind the position of the stem when fully open and fully closed to avoid hitting the top dead center when fully open. And it is easy to check whether it is normal when fully closed. If the valve is detached or a large debris is embedded between the valve plug seals, the position of the valve stem will change when fully closed. Damage to the valve sealing surface or valve handwheel.

Valve opening sign: Ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve The groove on the top surface of the valve stem is parallel to the channel, indicating that the valve is in the fully open position; when the valve stem is rotated 90 to the left or right. When the groove is perpendicular to the channel, the valve is in the fully closed position.

Some ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves are opened in parallel with the wrench and closed vertically. The operation of the three-way and four-way valves shall be carried out according to the markings of opening, closing and reversing. The movable handle should be removed after the operation.we are gate valve exporter and you can know valve strainer online.

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