Classification of gate valves china

Classification of gate valves china

Classified by structure:

Depending on the type of construction, there are two types: wedge gate valves and parallel gate valves. That is to say, the gate is a wedge shape called a wedge gate valve, and the gate is a parallel type, that is, a slab gate valve.

The slab gate valve, that is, the sealing surface is parallel to the vertical center line, so that the sealing faces of the valve body and the indenter are also parallel to each other. The most common type of gate valve is the double gate type, which is used to close the valve body. The sealing surfaces of the two sealing surfaces of the indenter are in intimate contact, and the double thrust wedges are typically used in both indenters. Mainly used for low pressure pipelines, such as small pipelines. Single-door parallel gate valves are also rare.

The wedge gate valve, that is, the sealing surface is at an angle to the vertical center line, that is, the two sealing surfaces are wedge-shaped gate valves. The gate of the wedge gate valve is a single door or a double door. The advantage of the double punch type is that the sealing angle has low precision, the temperature change is not easy to wedge into the punch, and the wear of the sealing surface can be compensated by the gasket. The disadvantage is that the structure is complicated and easy to stick in the drying medium. The main reason is that the upper and lower baffles are easy to fall off after rusting for a long time.

Other classification methods:

According to different standards: GB gate valve, American standard gate valve, German standard gate valve, Japanese standard gate valve;

According to the connection method: flange gate valve, welding gate valve, thread gate valve (also divided into internal thread, external thread);

Rated pressure: high pressure gate valve, low (medium) pressure gate valve;

Drive mode: electric gate valve, pneumatic gate valve, manual gate valve;

Classified by material: stainless steel gate valve, forged steel gate valve, cast steel gate valve, carbon steel gate valve, cast iron gate valve, copper gate valve (also divided into bronze gate valve, brass gate valve), ceramic gate valve, plastic gate valve.we are check valve manufacturer and privide gate valve china,you can know it.

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