Details on the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves china and valves and their uses

Details on the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves china and valves and their uses

The gate valve is mainly a kind of opening and closing device shutter, which can only be fully open and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled. The valve is a piping accessory used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, and regulate and control the parameters of the transport medium. The gate valve is actually one of the valves. What are the specific uses, advantages and disadvantages of the gate valve and the valve?

Valves are classified by function and use:

(1)Cut-off class: such as gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve, etc. The shut-off valve, also known as the closed-circuit valve, is used to switch on or off the medium in the pipeline.

(2)Non-return type: such as check valve, check valve is also called check valve or check valve, check valve is an automatic valve, its function is to prevent backflow of medium in the pipeline, prevent pump and drive motor Reverse, as well as leakage of container media. The bottom valve of the water pump suction is also a check valve.

(3)Safety categories: such as safety valves, explosion-proof valves, accident valves, etc. The purpose of the safety valve is to prevent the pressure of the medium in the pipeline or device from exceeding the specified value for the purpose of safety protection.

(4)Adjustment categories: such as regulating valves, throttle valves and pressure reducing valves, the role of which is to adjust the pressure, flow and other parameters of the medium.

(5)Diversion class: such as distribution valve, three-way valve, steam trap. Its function is to distribute, separate or mix the medium in the pipeline.

(6)Special purpose categories: such as pigging valves, venting valves, drain valves, exhaust valves, filters, etc.

The gate valve is one of the most common on-off valves. It is connected (opened) by means of a shutter (ie, the opening and closing member, the opening and closing member in the gate is called a gate or gate, and the gate is called a gate seat). Truncate (fully close) the media in the pipeline. It is not allowed to be used as a shut-off. In operation, the gate should be prevented from being opened slightly. The erosion of the medium flowing at high speed will accelerate the damage of the sealing surface. The double-gate slab acts as a lifting movement in the plane perpendicular to the center line of the gate seat passage, and cuts the medium in the pipeline like a gate, so it is called a gate valve.we are gate valve china,you can know it.

Advantages of gate valve: 1. Low fluid resistance 2. Small external force required for opening and closing 3. The flow direction of the medium is not restricted. 4. When fully opened, the sealing surface is less affected by the working medium than the shut-off valve. 5, the body shape is relatively simple, casting process is better.

Disadvantages of the gate valve: 1. The external dimensions and opening height are large, and the space required for installation is large. 2. During the opening and closing process, there is relative friction between the sealing surfaces, which is likely to cause scratches. 3. Gate valves generally have two sealing faces, which add some difficulties to processing, grinding and maintenance.

The above is a detailed introduction to gate valves and valves and some of their advantages and disadvantages. It can be seen from the above that there are many types of valves, and gate valves are only one type of valves. Different valves have different uses. What valves should be used in the occasion should also be selected according to specific requirements.

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