Valve manufacturers should accelerate their technological innovation capabilities before

Valve manufacturers should accelerate their technological innovation capabilities before they have the opportunity to develop faster

The current valve enterprise's lack of technological innovation is a stumbling block to the development of our valve industry. At present, many advanced valve technologies introduced by domestic valve companies rarely make innovations. When overseas customers visited China's heavy industry projects, such as power and petrochemicals, it was found that the valve products of many projects were only changed on the basis of Western design prototypes.

At present, the design level of China's valve industry is not high. Although domestic backbone enterprises have certain research and development conditions, most R&D centers of valve enterprises are restricted by personnel and facilities, lacking sufficient funds for investment, and R&D and technical service capabilities are relatively closed. It is based on the needs of the enterprise and only serves the enterprise. The design and process are compiled according to the sales order, and the functions are relatively simple; such as on-site technical processing in the valve production process, or engaged in a small amount of new product development.

The domestic valve design level is quite different from that of developed countries. The processing technology is also relatively backward, although some domestic valve manufacturers have modern equipment, can achieve automatic operation, and even some Western companies are dwarfed.

Many valve companies have poor casting equipment, casting steel, iron, aluminum, copper, composite materials, etc., but due to the backward casting process, cast steel, cast iron and other raw materials are wasted in the production process, and environmental protection is also poor. .

At present, most valve manufacturers in China cannot independently perform effective seismic analysis of valves, and these manufacturers must entrust design institutes to conduct seismic analysis. Only some manufacturers have mastered the stress calculation and seismic analysis of valves and fatigue analysis of valves. And the impact analysis, to a certain extent, has restricted the improvement of the R&D capability of domestic manufacturers.

The level of domestic production, research and research cooperation is also low, and the technical content of self-developed products is also low. However, some colleges and universities and research and design institutes have professional, office and room research on valve technology, but only for valves in the whole device. The role and required characteristics of the technical requirements, does not develop the research and development of valve product design and manufacturing technology, even if there are design drawings, often lack of processability, and the actual operation is not compatible, some of which are due to the lack of actual verification means, This is the main reason for the low overall technical level of domestic valve products.we are gate valve china,you can know it.

Valve companies with high technical level in foreign countries usually have special R&D centers. In comparison, they have strong funds, various related research institutions and professional technical engineers to support them. These R&D centers often match them according to their needs. There are specialized laboratories and testing institutions, and the computer application software applied to the valve products is quite complete: the theoretical analysis and prediction of the advanced performance of new products and new technologies can be carried out by means of analysis, and the experimental methods can be used to predict the results. The verification is carried out, and the correctness of the analysis method is verified according to the statistical data, so as to obtain a series of effective analysis methods of valve performance and technical characteristics, and the method is applied to the development of the subsequent valve technology, so as to reduce the research and development cost. The research results are more effective.

 Although many enterprise valve products have obtained many national patents, many patents are only practical patents, and the technical content is not high. Many patents have only partially improved the structure, and have not substantially improved the invention.

Some still have imitation and plagiarism. Since many valve users have been using traditional products for many years, many internal and external structures have not been substantially improved and improved for many years.

 In fact, as far as the technical level is concerned, the design and material application of conventional valves, compared with well-known foreign companies, there is not much difference, and there is no insurmountable gap in the manufacturing process. Where is the difference? However, the actual situation is that the difference is in the word of seriousness. There is such a product. It was originally a patented product of a water valve in a German company. There are several different companies producing at the same time. One is a foreign company and the other is a Taiwan-funded enterprise. It is a domestic company. The same product map, the actual valve produced is different.

The former two companies have better internal quality and appearance than domestic ones. What is puzzling is that these companies all produce this kind of product in China, and the casting blanks are from domestic factories, but the results vary greatly. In a certain sense, our business philosophy, pursuit of goals and foreign-funded enterprises have a big gap, especially in the product blank processing technology, there are certain problems, but also we reflect.

The practice of foreign valve enterprises is different from that of Chinese enterprises. China's valve enterprises first engage in infrastructure construction, expand production plants, increase production equipment, and expand and expand factories. They pursue large and comprehensive, modern style, and only want to expand production scale. Neglecting the research and development and investment of new products, the product has a serious lack of stamina, and most of the production products are imitation, only produce ordinary low-end products, put too much energy into market operations, use unfair means to engage in product marketing competition, and thus lack Core competitiveness.

A lot of domestic enterprises in the research and development, more refer to the design of other manufacturers, thus ignoring the importance of the original experimental data, so that the developed products only have a shape without a real soul.

 Valves as a whole industrial system also have certain problems. Our research and development system is rather weak, but it is weak in innovation ability. Now some enterprises have many branches and joint ventures, some companies invest in research and development capabilities, and the scientific and technological team In terms of construction, there are also small investment in the establishment of R&D facilities. In fact, the R&D investment is very large. At present, the R&D team, R&D methods, R&D products testing measures and type test equipment are insufficient to support our valves. The industry implements technology research and development and development of new products, let alone the development of high-end products.

At the same time, we must be soberly aware that China's economy is gradually merging with the world economy, and strong foreign-funded enterprises are rushing to the Chinese valve market. These overseas legions have strong capital and high-tech, and have rich business strategies, which invisibly give Chinese valves. The market poses a certain threat and is also a major competitor in our valve industry. At present, they are acquiring valve companies in China, attracting high-paying technical design talents in the valve industry, and using well-known brands to seize the high-end valve market in China. Some invest in factories in China, some move their headquarters to China, and some set up R&D centers in China.

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